Engaging Visitors at Exhibitions


We successfully design, manufacture and build stands for a very diverse range of customers, but what these customers all have in common is that there is an objective for them being at an exhibition. There is an investment needed to make each exhibition successful and client’s reasons for being there vary; sometimes it’s just about brand awareness, the need to be there to display your brand to industry and for others it is to gain new leads and launch new products.

Whatever the reason and whatever the investment, isn’t it sensible to try and get as much return as you can for all of that effort? What happens pre, during and post exhibition can really make a difference to retaining existing customers, generating leads and gaining new business. We’ve put some ideas together, food for thought the next time you are exhibiting:

Pre show

  • Make sure people know where you will be: show, venue, date, stand number. Advertise the fact you will be exhibiting.
  • What’s on your stand to attract them to visit? Do you have new products, demos, give-ways, competitions, celebrities? Tell people what you will have on offer, build their desire to visit.
  • Create opportunities for people to book appointments to come and see you at the show.
  • Research your own networking opportunities. Many shows offer seminars and events for the duration of the show which are great ways to connect to industry colleagues.
  • What’s your competition doing? Make yourself aware.
  • Plan how you collect your leads; scanners are a great way to do this now and you can use bar codes to identify your client’s requirements and to categorise.

During Show

  • Have some attraction on your stand; look for something unique if possible. Your exhibition stand designer will be able to help with this.
  • Do your team look smart and part of the stand?
  • Engage with visitors at the show. Make eye contact and smile at people walking by, greet them.  Sitting down on mobile phones is off putting for existing and new customers; make your team aware of how you’d like them to portray your company.
  • Walk the show to see how other people are doing and to get an overall feel of how busy the show is.
  • During breaks take the opportunity to network in the coffee areas
  • Be a speaker at one of the seminars if applicable
  • Have a good representation in the show guide
  • Tweet during the show; everyone looks at Twitter to see what’s going on, include pictures to give great visual impact.

Post show

  • Follow up leads; but do give people a chance to get home.
  • Use the show as a PR opportunity.
  • Use social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) to advertise your attendance.
  • Where are you next? Which shows/conferences/seminars are you attending in the future?
  • Keep the momentum going; engage with people so they want to come and see you again.


It goes without saying that if you need to talk to an excellent company about stand design, manufacture and build then you just need to let us know; we’d be more than happy to help.